Coexpair, composites Expertise for Aircraft

Coexpair is the reference in Europe for Net Shape Composites Manufacturing Solutions.

Our products are Molds, Workcells (Presses) and Injection systems for RTM and SQRTM .

Our Engineering Services aims at developping innovative part architectures, advanced RTM & SQRTM processes and optimal production equipment.

Our EN9100 advanced composites shop is dedicated to material coupons, test elements, proof of concept or pre-serial parts.

Today Coexpair works for the largest aerospace OEM and Tier-1, including Airbus and Safran.

Coexpair is the partner of Radius Engineering, USA.

See our molds, workcells and injection systems in action at Spirit aerosystems for production of A320 RTM spoilers.


Coexpair designs and builds RTM workstations including clamping & heating systems, injection systems and tool handling devices. Automation of High Performance RTM process for aerospace is our job. The partnership with Radius Engineering ensures our Customers the same high quality & reliable equipment worldwide. Previously called RTM press, our workstation is a more advanced solution that integrates functions in a smart way.

Injection Systems

  • Designed to inject single component or pre-mixed multi-component resin systems
  • Piston actuated by an electric stepper motor
  • Heater capable of achieving temperatures up to 290°C (550°F)
  • Equipped with a complete data acquisition system
  • Able to operate either in a stand-alone mode or integrated with FlowareTM software controlled by PC
  • Parameters can easily be defined by the user prior to each injection
  • The only production proven & capable SQRTM injection
  • system on the market

Workcells (RTM Presses)

  • Optimal Clamping & Heating Systems
  • Specifically designed for RTM and SQRTM processes
  • Uniform clamping force through pneumatic hoses
  • Rapid heating by electric platens providing a clean and safe operational environment (no risk of oil contamination)
  • Control system creates a workstation to monitor and to control the heating zones, as well as the clamping pressure
  • Data acquisition and interface to a computer network are included
  • Included handling equipment for transferring molds into or out of a clamping system
  • Can optionally be fitted with equipment for opening and closing molds
  • Low maintenance required


RTM mold quality is critical for part production success. Customers can count on a team of specialized engineers to design and to machine their molds. FEA allows study of thermal transfer, mold deformation and tool closure kinematics.

Molds are generally aluminum or steel and are designed to be used in combination with a self-clamping system. Equipped with more than 50 CNC-machines, our qualified shops have the capacity to produce molds of complex geometry up to more than 10 meters long. Our network offers the right balance of quality, lead time and budget.

Final fitting is done internally before surface treatment is completed to ensure tool durability.

Mold & tools


Net-shape composites are an opportunity to improve performance: lower weight, lower cost, shorter manufacturing cycle. We support you by engineering for optimal performance. The position of the office inside the workshop gives the designer a great opportunity to combine 3D models and hands-on trials.

Design and Analysis

Our skilled engineers are mastering Samcef & Nastran FEA. They are distinguished by their hands-on experience of manufacturing RTM parts themselves. Their engineering approach is built on understanding the key process elements that impact mechanical performances. Allowables generation including test campaign definition is also part of their job.

Analysis screen

Materials & Processes

The selection of material and the set-up of process parameters are the heart of our engineering services. Manufacturing of flat panels for coupons is a common task. More complex tools are also used to validate the mechanical performances at higher level (sub-element level).

Our shop is the right place for our customers to manufacture their first full scale parts using RTM state-of-the-art industrial equipment (mold and workstation).

Processes Analysis


Coexpair offers an intensive introduction course of RTM for Aerospace. Course covers the process, the design, the materials and the equipment commonly used.